50 ft. Vertical Life Line System – Roofer’s Bucket

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• The roofer’s kit includes a 5-point full-body harness with tongue and buckle leg straps, 50’ vertical 5/8” diameter lifeline, shock-absorbing lanyard with manual rope grab assembly, reusable hinged steel roof anchor, and storage bucket
• Lifeline is made up of high strength Polysteel twisted rope
• The diameter of the rope is 5/8”
• Provided with snap hook (PN 146) spliced at one end and the other side a stop knot

Steel Snap Hook (PN 146):
• Made of alloy steel
• Silver or golden yellow galvanized
• Breaking strength 5,000 lbs.

• 50 ft. (Maximum)

• 7.80 lbs ± 0.02 lbs.