Safe Climber™ Aluminum-Alloy Rail Ladder Safety System

Ladder Systems

Part Number: PN8000-SK


• Certified to EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017, the vertical fall arrest system is an integrated fall arrest solution that consists of a trolley that glides over an aluminum-alloy rail.
• The system is attached to the ladder rungs using rung clamps and aluminum-alloy rails 118 inches (3 meters) in length bound with a stainless-steel junction.
• The trolley moves up and down the rail with the user and locks them in place with an auto-locking steel carabiner in the event of a fall.
• In the event of a fall, the shock-absorbing trolley arrests the fall by immediately locking. Also, while not in use, the uni-directional locking system of the trolley prevents it from sliding down on its own.
• The rail includes an extension arm that curves over the working platform allowing climbers to stay connected to the trolley when reaching the top of the ladder.
• A lock at the bottom of the rail prevents the trolley from unintentional release.
• An inspection nameplate is on the lower half of the system for identification, traceability, and maintenance of inspection records. At the time of installation, the relevant details are punched on the plate by a number punch. Revalidation dates are punched each year after inspection and revalidation.
• This system is ideal for use on telecommunication towers, radio and TV masts, power supply and hydroelectric installations, wind power facilities, construction, chimney, and industrial plants, buildings and facades, crane installations, shafts and manholes, aircraft hangars, and for loading/unloading of trains and vehicles, petrochemical plants, on-shore, and off-shore oil rigs, and shipbuilding.