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Fall protection is not a one-size-fits-all scenario; fall protection products work best when chosen to match the job’s requirements. From harnesses to lanyards and retractable lines to anchorage and accessories, it’s best for those working at heights to have a wide selection of options to fit the job best. It’s one reason we are always adding new fall protection products to our inventory at Safe Keeper. See the latest arrivals at Safe Keeper to meet your fall protection equipment needs!

New Products at Safe Keeper

Every job working at heights is different, so your fall protection products need to be different too! Therefore, having a wide selection of options when building a fall protection system is of the utmost importance. See the new arrivals in the Safe Keeper inventory!

Kodiak Adjustable Padded Full Body Harness. We designed the full-body harness with the comfort and safety of the wearer in mind. Features like padding, a positioning belt, a quick connect buckle at the chest, and tongue buckles at the leg straps, allow the wearer to adjust this full-body harness for a perfect fit.

Dingo 3-ft Single-Leg Restraint Lanyard. The short length of this leg restraint lanyard keeps workers away from edges and other fall hazards while working at heights without adding extraneous lanyard material that could get in a worker’s way. 

Dingo Welder’s Dual Y-Shape Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard. Manufactured to meet the fire-retardant requirements that welders need, this lanyard can take the heat. It has two rebar hooks and internal shock absorbers for superior fall arrest capabilities. 

Wire Rope Sling. The wire construction of this rope sling means they can tackle the most challenging jobs, resisting abrasion and high temperatures. Featuring a forged O-ring on one side and a smaller O-ring on the other, this rope sling can handle all your needs regarding lifting, towing, and anchoring loads.

Cable Retractable Lines. We’re adding a variety of Cable SRL lengths so that you can choose the length that best suits your job.

Safe Keeper constantly adds new inventory to meet our client’s fall protection product needs. We’re also restocking our most popular items, so visit our website or contact us today!

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