Safe Climber™ Stainless-Steel Cable Ladder Safety System

Ladder Systems


• Vertical fall arrest system easily integrates with any fixed ladder
• System meets applicable ANSI and OSHA standards and halts the fall of a climber
• Improving UV degradation and resistance to harsh climate conditions, the system includes a shock absorber versus a textile one
• Shock absorber’s unique design aids in the easy installation of the system to a fixed ladder
• Vertical anchorage line mounts to the top and bottom of the fixed ladder with mounting brackets
• Anchorage line includes a screw-type mechanical tensioner with a tension indicator to ensure appropriate traction
• An Intermediate installed every 33 feet reduces vibration and ensures proper alignment of wire rope
• Stainless–steel rope grab connects directly to the user without any additional lanyard
• An inspection nameplate is on the lower half of the system for identification, traceability, and maintenance of inspection records