Choosing a Fall Protection Harness

Choosing a Fall Protection Harness

Choosing the correct fall protection harness for the job at hand is of the utmost importance, so follow our guide for choosing the right one from Safe Keeper’s inventory.

fall protection harness and its accompanying fall arrest system are frequently the only things between a worker and injury or death due to a fall, so it must be correct. Choosing the proper fall protection harness depends upon many factors, such as the application, the environment the harness will be in, the needs of the wearer, and more. There are an array of fall protection harnesses for every situation, including construction harnesses, vest harnesses, harnesses for climbing, tower work, welding harnesses, high visibility harnesses, harnesses for retrieval applications, flotation harnesses, and fire-resistant harnesses. Let Safe Keeper help you in choosing the correct tackle for your job.

Choosing a Fall Protection Harness

First, you need to choose a harness based on the type of job. For example, a construction harness is unsuitable for working as a welder because it’s not heat resistant; such misuse could damage the harness and cause a fall that jeopardizes a worker’s life. Also, be sure the harness complies with the OSHA and ANSI standards that dictate what is acceptable for the job at hand. For instance, some harnesses are arc flash burn resistant for welders, while others have no exposed metal connectors for electricians.

Next, you need to find a harness that works well with the rest of the fall arrest or protection system. Not all harnesses, lanyards, retractable lines, and anchors work well together. Certain combinations may be difficult or cumbersome to work with while utilizing. That last thing anyone working at heights or in a confined space is the distraction of an awkward fall arrest or protection system combination.

Lastly, you want a harness suited to your build and your work needs. A harness should be as comfortable as possible and doesn’t interfere with the job. For instance, some harnesses have extra padding to reduce body fatigue.

Safe Keeper is committed to providing high-quality fall protection equipment and systems to create a safer work environment and ultimately save lives in the workforce. We use today’s cutting-edge manufacturing processes and experts, applying real-world practical knowledge to engineer effective yet affordable solution-focused products. Products include self-retracting lifelineslanyardsanchors, and ladder systems

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